Classic Dishes – How to Cook Chinese Food

Classic Dishes – How to Cook Chinese Food
There is nothing more exciting than a good home-cooked meal, and one of the easiest ways to get started with your own home-cooked meals is by learning how to cook Chinese food. As a matter of fact, cooking Chinese food is very easy once you learn some basic recipes. The key to learning how to cook Chinese food is to learn the basic Chinese culinary secrets and then apply them in your own home kitchen to create your own personal Chinese recipe. The good news is, though, that you do not really have to use all that many Chinese ingredients to prepare great authentic Chinese dishes. In fact, there are only 10 basic Chinese kitchen ingredients that are essential to the arsenal.

Once you have those basic Chinese ingredients, then you can begin to create your very own Chinese classic dishes. One of the first ingredients, which you need to have on hand is, of course, rice. If you do not have rice then you can either substitute pasta or add chicken or seafood into your Chinese food. The next Chinese ingredient that you need to have on hand is, of course, soy sauce. Without soy sauce, many Chinese dishes would not be possible.

Another set of Chinese kitchen pantry ingredients that you definitely need to have on hand are your Chinese wok and frying pan. A wok is simply a large ceramic plate that has a lid that is open at the bottom. Frying pans are also known as Chinese frying pans and are basically a thin metal stick that is used to fry various Chinese ingredients. By using a Chinese frying pan, and not a wok, you can cook chilies, meats, vegetables, and specialty sauces at the same time.

When it comes to making a stir-fry, one of the most popular types of recipes served in Chinese restaurants is called stir-fried chicken. In this recipe, all you need are onions, butter, chicken pieces, and sugar. All you have to do is cook the onion and butter together over medium heat, stirring often to keep the pieces from sticking to each other. When the onions are soft, remove them from the heat, and add your desired seasoning to the mixture. Continue to stir fry your ingredients until the chicken pieces are cooked thoroughly and the seasoning is fully absorbed by the meat.

Another commonly used Chinese ingredient that is often overlooked but plays an important role in stir-fry dishes is sesame oil. Sesame oil helps to thicken your stir-fried chicken and other ingredients. It is also used to season various Chinese foods depending on their ingredients and whether you are adding sugar, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, or any other type of seasoning to the mix. For example, in stir-fry dishes with meat, chicken, and vegetables, ginger is sometimes included to enhance its flavor and spiciness. Onions are also frequently added to the mix because they help in removing excess moisture from the chicken and other ingredients.

To conclude, Chinese cooking techniques differ depending on the ingredients that you are using and whether you are using a traditional Chinese recipe or a more modernized version. Chinese chefs have always made sure that they include all the authentic ingredients in their recipes. They also try to use the freshest and best quality of every ingredient available. This has led to an increase in food appreciation in western society. No wonder then that the number of Chinese restaurants that opened daily continues to grow as people realize that classic dishes like stir-fry are made with real ingredients, and are healthy too!


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