Free Spin Coin Master Link

Free Spin Coin Master Link

60500 to 100,000 SpinsCOLLECT
10 Spins, 1.4 Million CoinsCOLLECT

You want to know how to get Coin Master free spins and coins? You can find them all here every day. You can still find them if you miss any of the links in our list.

The official Coin Master social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram contain links to the latest free Spins and Coins. They are all safe and have been tested before they are updated.

Today’s free spins and coin links

How to Get More Coins and Spins for Coin Master

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Invite Facebook Friends

You can earn 40 spins every time you invite a friend to the game on Facebook. Your friend must accept your invitation, then download the game and open it. Once they have logged in to Facebook, a credit will be given to them. This can quickly add up if you have many friends.

Give the gift of love to your partner

Once you have invited your friends and they have signed up, you can give your friends free Spins and Coins each day. This way, you don’t lose any personal spins. You can send and get 100 Spins.

Give it a while

You can also just wait! You will receive 5 spins for every hour you wait, totaling 50. If you want maximum Spins, you need to wait at least ten hours.

What is Coin Master?

Combine a base-building strategy game and the chaos of a slot machine, and you have Coin Master. It’s easy to play: just spin the Slots machine and perform an action. You can get Coin to attack other players’ bases or raid their stashes. Shields also allow you to reduce the impact of attacks from other players. You can then use the Coin that you have gained to upgrade and construct your base’s structures.

Coin Master is as simple as it gets. You’ll be able to quickly pick up the mechanics and get started playing. There are many ways to improve your Coin Master experience and optimize your play. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to Coin Master. This includes some tips and tricks that will help you build your base faster and protect your Coin stash from being stolen by other players.

The Essentials

The Coin Master tutorial introduces you to the basics of the game and then allows you to play however you like. This tutorial is sufficient to get you started. However, we will go into the details of some of the mechanics that the tutorial does not explain.

Coin Master is all about spending and acquiring Coin. Coin Master offers three main ways to earn Coin (other than spending real money): 1) winning Coin at the Slots Machine, 2) attacking other players’ bases, and 3) raiding other player’s bases. To perform any of these actions you will need to spin the Slots Machine.

The Slots Machine

You’ll spend a lot of your time at the Slots Machine, which is the heart of the game. The Slots Machine can be accessed by either opening the in-game menu, selecting it or by scrolling down from the Village view.

Below the Slots Machine, you will see your current number and available spins. This number decreases by one every time you spin the machine. You’ll need to wait for your Spins to replenish or visit our page for free Spins. Four reels of Coin Master’s Slots Machine have four symbols each. You can act if you get four or more of the same symbols consecutively. These symbols include a bag of coins and a hammer.

As its name suggests, the Bag of Coin gives you Coin. You don’t have to collect all of the bags to get the reward. Each Bag of Coins that you receive after a Spin earns you a small payout, but a whole row of them will give you a larger payout than four individual Bags of coin.

Attack – The Hammer

You can attack another player’s base by grabbing an entire row of Hammers (the artwork suggests this is Thor’s Hammer). Coin Master allows you to choose a friend to attack if you have a Facebook account. Otherwise, the game randomly selects a player.

You’ll see the player’s village on your screen. Then you will be asked which buildings you would like to attack. You will receive a Coin reward for attacking a building and a reduction in the star level of the building.

Raid – The Pig Bandit

Pig Bandit is an image of a smiling pig wearing a mask of a bandit. You can perform a Raid if you have four of these.

You can’t pick the Raid target, unlike with Attacks. The name and image of your Coin Master are displayed above the Slots Machine. This is the player who will be your Raid target. You are taken to the Village of your Coin Master’s Village when a Raid starts. Instead of attacking a building, you are given three Shovels to dig with. You can dig at several spots in the Village (marked with large X’s). Choose three holes to dig; some will have significant amounts of Coin. This Coin is taken from the victim’s existing Coin stash. It’s a great way for someone to get on their nerves.

The Shield – Defend

The Shield protects your base against enemy attacks. There are three Shields you can have at once. This means that you will be protected against three attacks. Your building will be protected if you have a Shield in case an enemy attacks it.

You can attack a Shield-wielding player using the same rules. While you will still get 50,000 Coins (which is much less than what you would otherwise), the player’s building will not be damaged and your Star rating won’t drop. Important to remember that the Shield does not protect you against Raids.


You can place bets if you have accumulated enough Spins. You can increase your odds of winning big by increasing your Bet. Each Spin of the Slots Machine will spend multiple Spins if you increase your Bet. You can multiply the rewards from Slots Machine spins by placing bets.

Village Building

The levels of Coin Master are represented by villages. Each level has five buildings that you need to construct. To complete the level and move on to the next Village you will need to upgrade all buildings to a 5-star Rating. Building upgrades cost Coin. Upgrades become more costly the further you play the game so be prepared for some grind. These buildings are not designed to have special effects or perform any other functions. They serve as markers that will help you get to the next Village. There are currently 314 Villages that Coin Master can help you complete. Each village has its own theme.


You can use the Revenge mechanic to get revenge on a player that has attacked your village. You have the chance to strike back if your base is attacked by another player.

Allow the Slots Machine to spin. A full row of Hammers will bring you to the Attack screen. The game will then transition to a random village. Look at the top of the screen for a Revenge option. This will open a list of all of the people who have attacked you recently. Select one to be taken to the Village of that player, where you can take out the pain.


You can earn cards by opening chests that are filled with coins. There are many themed Card Collections. Each Collection has nine Cards. You’ll be rewarded for collecting all nine Cards within a Collection.

There are three types of chests you can buy. The more expensive the chest, the more cards you’ll find inside. Your current Village Level determines the quality of the Cards that you can receive from a Chest. You can also get special Gold Cards from Chests that you open once you have reached the highest Village Level. The Gold Cards are rarer than other cards and offer greater rewards when completed.

The Card Trading system is one of the most interesting features in Coin Master. It’s possible to send up to 5 cards to friends each day. Therefore, it’s a good idea for Coin Master members to join the communities and forums. Many Coin Master communities have dedicated Card Trading sections that allow you to trade with other Coin Master players.


The Cards section explains that chests can be bought from the in-game store for coins. All Chests will give you cards up to 5-star quality, but higher-quality Chests are more likely to drop better quality cards. You’ll also find lower chances of low-level cards being dropped by higher-level Chests than lower-level ones. If you want to complete your Card Collection with a 1-, 2- or 3-star card, then you should spend Coins on lower-level Chests.

Pet Snacks and Pet XP can be added to your inventory. You also get bonus spins from chests. These can be added to your inventory on top of the Cards you get so they don’t impact Card drop chances.

Card Drop Odds for Chest

You have a better chance of getting a particular rarity depending on the chest you are opening. Only the Valentine’s, Ruby and Mystery Chests have the chance of receiving a Joker Card.

All three types of Magical Chests, including the Wooden, Golden, or Wooden, are available beginning with Village 3. The Small Lucky Chest can be found at Village 4, Village 10, Big Easter Chest, Emerald Chest, at Village 20, Valentine’s Chest, Big Lucky Chest, at Village 30, Viking Chest, Saphire Chest, at Village 70, Fortune Chest, at Village 100, Ruby Chest, at Village 110, and then the Epic Chest, at Village 130.

Moon Active, who is the developer of Coin Master, has provided the official probabilities. Your current Village Level determines the Bonus Spin probabilities for Mystery and Valentine’s, Small Lucky Lucky, Big Lucky Easter, Small Easter Chests, and Small Lucky Valentine’s. Pet XP works in the same way. The higher your Village Level, you receive more potential Pet XP from a Chest.

The Joker Card

You can earn the Joker Card by participating in Coin Master events and unlocking Mystery Chests. The Joker Card can transform into any card, even Gold Cards. You should use Joker Cards before they expire.


Pets are cute animals that can accompany you on Raids or Attacks. These friendly little creatures also provide cool bonuses that will help you along your journey to becoming a Coin Master. You can hatch pets by either accessing the Pet screen from the game’s menu or tapping the Egg underneath the Slots Machine.

Once activated, your pet will give you their bonus for four hours. After four hours, your Pet will go to sleep and you won’t be able to enjoy their benefits for a significant time.

Your pet’s recovery time can be accelerated by giving them treats. For Treats, you can either spend real money or spin on the Slots Machine. Along with the usual reward that you get from your Spin result, treats are also available.

Pets can have their effects increased by using XP Potions to level up. Like Treats and XP Potions, XP Potions can drop with every Spin on the Slots Machine.


After attacking another player, Tiger increases the Coin amount you get. The Coin boost increases as Tiger is leveled up.


You can unlock Rhino by completing the Creatures Card Collection. Rhino can block enemy Attacks when active just like a Shield. The odds of Rhino successfully repelling an enemy attack are increased by leveling up Rhino using XP Potions. Rhino’s base level gives him a 10% chance to stop an enemy attack.


Foxy is not only the first pet you unlock in Coin Master but also the most valuable. Foxy unlocks an additional shovel in Raids, which gives you another chance to find Coins or dig up a chest. Foxy unlocks at Village Level 4.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t hoard your coins!

A Raid could take out large amounts of your Coins. You should spend Coins when you can afford it. This is especially true if you don’t have enough Shields or the Rhino Pet.

A large amount of Coins in your wallet makes you an attractive target for Big Raids. A Big Raid can be a high-stakes Raid, which, if successful, could result in the Raider taking home millions of Coins.

Big Raids

You might be tempted to increase your Bet amount to get the multiplied Spin bonus. This is a great way to increase your Coin earnings. It’s best to save your Spins and Raiding for very wealthy players.

You can see above the Slots Machine the Coin Master that you have been assigned and their current Coin stores. You can save your Coin Masters Bets with tons of Coins. You can earn a lot of Coins by placing Maximum Bets only on highly-ranked Coin Masters.

Foxy should always be your active pet if you are going to Big Raids. Foxy is an additional shovel that you can use on Raids to get tons of Coins.

Every Village has a chest

However, completing a Card collection offers more bonuses than individual cards. When you move to a new village, you should purchase as many Chests and as many as possible. As you move up in the Village levels, it becomes more difficult to find lower-level Cards. Therefore, the first stages of a new village are the best for getting the lowest level of Cards needed to complete a collection. It’s not the best feeling to have to spend a Joker to replace a missing common card that you had when you started playing.

Don’t waste your pet’s bonus money

After activating your Pet, the boosting effect will only be available for four hours. You should not activate your pet if you are unable to play for more than four hours.

This is even true for the defensive Rhino. If your base is under siege he will not defend attacks unless you send him out.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get Coin Master spins for free?

Visit our page! We post new links every day for free spins as soon they become available.

What are the levels in Coin Master?

You can currently play in 314 Villages (levels).

What does Coin Master’s star mean?

Stars are a way to show your rank or that of other players. Building your village or collecting cards can help you get more stars.

What do cards serve in Coin Master?

To complete a collection, you collect cards. It consists of 9 cards that have the same theme. You get spins and gifts every time you complete a collection.