International Travel Insurance: Why You Need Travel Insurance?

International travel insurance is an insurance policy that you can take out when traveling outside of your own country. Whether you are going on a short trip or taking a year out to travel the world. If you travel anywhere outside of your home country you need international travel insurance.

This type of insurance covers medical bills, flight cancellations, lost baggage. And any other losses that may happen whilst on your travels. The last thing you need whilst traveling internationally is to be stuck in a foreign country without any means of paying for medical bills should you need to. And if your flight gets canceled you can easily book the next one with the help of the insurance policy.

When choosing a plan you should be looking at paying 4%-10% of your total trip. This may be a lot if you’re taking a year out. But it’s the peace of mind and if anything does go wrong whilst you’re away it’ll certainly save you a lot more money than you’d end up having to pay if you weren’t covered. International travel insurance is definitely a must if you’re planning a trip away from your home country.


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